Gregory is a Business Intelligence professional with a passion for simplifying and strengthening the decision making process through the use of visualization. He has been described as a “purple person”, straddling the worlds of both business and technology to forge strong and lasting partnerships that deliver real value to the organization.

Focused on the creation of Tableau and analytics CoE’s, training, and aiding others in more effectively communicating with data, Gregory brings 20 years of Enterprise and consulting experience to each engagement. Gregory uses data and analytics to tease out insights, aid others in articulating the questions they did not know they had, and to positively affect the business.

Gregory obtained Cisco’s 1st Tableau license in 2007 (patient zero), leading the charge to grow the footprint, and impact the top line, bottom line and company customer metrics. During this time, he held the distinction of being in the top 5 largest Tableau programs globally, and his work remains the model for successfully scaling Tableau beyond a department through to the Enterprise.

Professionally, he has enjoyed success across various leadership roles and functions including: Sales, Channels, Operations, Finance and Professional Services. Personally, he is active in his community, sitting on the Brain Tumor Board of Advisors at Duke Health, working closely with the “Preston Robert Tisch Brain Tumor Center at Duke”, and “Angels Among Us” to help bring an end to Brain Cancer.